Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm a Man?

I've been thinking a lot about Feminism lately. I've noticed quite a few of the shows I watch and almost all of the media I consume had had a hard focus on Feminism as of late.
From Lena Dunham finding well deserved success in her writing and overall brand to Beyonce and others putting a new take on the strong fierce female.
I grew up in a time where women always had equal rights, I never had to fight to have my voice heard or do any drastic acts of defiance to change the way things were.
I never burned any bras , I have always embraced my femininity and the femininity of others. I always saw it as a strength to be feminine and masculine at the same time, to have control in all situations and yet still be able to wear Tulle on occasion. To be able to work a rewarding full time job and yet still be very interested in window treatments. To be interested politically and yet worry about the consistency of your mashed potatoes. To embrace motherhood , or shun it completely ; my feelings have always been " whatever boo, you do you " without question I have taken these rights for granted, blissfully applying blush prior to mowing the lawn.
Until recently I hadn't given much thought to the fairly recent women in history who fought desperately for Women's rights, even now with it fresh on my mind I can't name names. I have no feminist icon, women my age are more likely to quote Marilyn Monroe a paranoid schizophrenic than Ani Difranco ( I googled her btw).
I have a tendency to think that this is not ALL the media's fault. I think to a point we all perpetuate the system of women being second class, not in all things anymore; sure we have jobs and mow lawns and shit but in the bigger picture we all do it. If a girl or woman doesn't mesh with the image of a lady who can do it all we see her as a failure. These days we think if you aren't a wife, mother , executive, exceptional baker , and top notch housekeeper you aren't trying hard enough. Why don't you have the ass of a 14 year old and 4 children at age 30? Well, clearly you haven't purchased enough face creams or done enough cleanses. You look bloated.
If these Feminists from days of yore hadn't gotten passive like myself , hadn't taken our place in the world for granted we may have been able to end this shit too, accepted people as people, some will be one way some will be another. Some will be women , some will stay girls; some will be boys who want to be girls and some will be girls who want to be boys. We need to protect and embrace these differences To me this is the new Feminism. Don't see your short haired friend who doesn't ever wear makeup as a "tomboy" she is just your short haired friend who doesn't wear makeup.
The same goes for your uber glam friend who loves makeup and wearing pink. She isn't a girly girl.
I may have gone off on a tangent but no one reads this anymore so idgaf.
I want to give praise where its due, there have been some amazing things happening with women out there, I am proud and excited for the next phase, hopefully things get even better for us.
I will wait lip gloss and drumsticks in hand trying to figure it all out.

I'm a man , you're a man

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