Wednesday, August 13, 2014

screaming into the darkness

I'm not quite sure why I keep this blog active, I jumped onto Blogger at the end of the age of blogging. I thought all my clever-ist thoughts would be spread across the blogosphere; that people would click my ads and make me famous, but little did I know it was already over.
It sped up. People started being so connected that they couldn't maintain eye contact for more than a second.
Dinner parties started turning into youtube parties. Lunch dates included my friends favourite cat videos.
Slowly but surely the internet became one with all of our thoughts, and yet it wasn't the internet of old, it was the new internet; where minutes were months and cynicism ruled.
Click this, favourite that, downvote him and upvote feminism. To hell with patience I want it now!
I had a cell phone once  for 3 months in 2002. My phone was already obsolete when I got it, it was pay as you go and had a flip top. I loaded it up with minutes and went on my merry way. I kept it plugged into the wall of my first apartment most of the time which defeated the purpose of having a phone you could bring anywhere. One day after having the phone a few weeks I was expecting a call and I had errands to run so I decided to bring my phone with me.
I was browsing the cheeses at the grocery store when it rang, and back then you didn't have silent mode or whatever so when your phone rang it fucking rang! I had an armful of produce and my phone was deep in my purse so I began fumbling around while my fellow shoppers looked on. I finally made it to the bottom of my purse and just as my hands settled upon that grey rectangle it stopped ringing.
That night when my phone ran out of minutes I decided that it wasn't for me, I didn't care if no one could get in touch with me, I preferred it this way.
This decision didn't seem that odd until about 4 years ago, at which point it became unacceptable and almost suspect to not have a smartphone. I see the looks I get on the bus when I look out the window,instead of into my lap. I can feel your judgement when I'm waiting in line and instead of looking at my bff's facebook pics I'm reading the back of a pamphlet.
Im not poor , Im not foreign, I didn't drop my phone in the toilet or the sink, I just prefer to not have one. I don't want to see your dinner unless you are across the table from me and I would much rather log into something for a few hours in the evening and be able to fully detangle myself at the end of the day.
I just miss talking to people about people. Don't even get me started on why I don't drive.


  1. Trisharella! Trisharella! Hiiii! I hope this comment reaches you in time before everything becomes obsolete. Today is Halloween 20k15 and I'm just now seeing the comment you left on my post from August 20k14. Let's do this: you can find me on Facebook as Kristi Kortero and also Instagram as The_Krissy_Project. Those are two accounts are actually pretty active. But who knows? You might read this two years later. And who knows what social networking thingy will be popular then? Anyhoo, I hope to see you outside of Blogger. This place is dead

  2. Heeeeeey!!!!

    Update: IG@ Kristi.Shanti (I don’t know why I said “20k”. Lol! I meant to say “2k”)

    Lovely post by the way.