Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fashion is a Passion

I have a problem, it may even be bad enough to be called a character flaw at this point.
I have a fondness for cheap clothes made for teenagers. Most of my clothes are made in Bangladesh or China. They are made of cheap fabric which doesn't wash well. They cannot be put in the dryer at all nor washed in water which temperature is above the freezing point.

There is almost always something about the garment that I don't like, and yet I buy it anyway.
I find myself persuading myself to buy these things, you almost have to talk yourself into it.
I will find a fabulous shirt , it will be a perfect shade of blue with charming gold buttons. The shirt will evoke images of a summer afternoon in the Hamptons. I will hold it up, and realize that it has a wonky hemline, or an unnecessary tie for your waist and I will think to myself " it is 2 for $20" or " I haven't ever had a shirt with a fully lace back" and sometimes " I would be an idiot to pass up this deal" and I will buy it. Just because.

Flash forward to a week later, after I've worn my brand new shirt one time without washing it. Laundry day , I will throw it in the wash , knowing full well my new cheap top needs special care.
I'll take it out of the washer and carefully hang it to dry.

To slip into a shirt that fit mere days ago only to find that it is now 3 sizes too small is a weird feeling.
How did it even get so wrinkly?

Is it even a deal? I don't think it is.

I know it's wrong to buy items manufactured under poor working conditions and unfair trade practises, and yet I choose to do it anyway.
It's just the way it is here, but I don't understand why.

So what if its half off? Half off of what? A price that has been inflated by 300%?
Why are we paying $60 for a top that costs 60 cents to make?

I'm done , sick of it all. I need to start my own fashion line...I also need to clear my closets of these yards of "polyester blend" nonsense.

If we stop buying it will they stop making it?

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