Monday, November 12, 2012


 Tonight I thought it would be a good idea to log into my blog. Turns out logging in alone has been a ridiculous waste of my precious time.
It's been awhile I'll admit, but I couldn't even remember what e-mail address it was linked to.
I had to do one of those "captcha" things and send a password reset to my e-mail.
I then had to log into my e-mail account.
Little did I know I had also forgotten the password to my e-mail account. I answered a few skill testing questions and deciphered yet another "captcha" thinger and here we are.

I tried to do a manicure tonight. I went and spent a bunch of money at Shoppers Drug Mart.
I sat down with a bunch of TV to catch up on and meant to do a manicure. I pushed back my cuticles, I clipped and buffed. I used a base coat which I let dry and put on two coats of a nice pink colour called "sugar daddy" I let it sit and did a top coat and then...well then I got cold. I grabbed a velour blankie and curled up on the sofa with an episode of The Walking Dead.

I sat and watched, and when it was all over and I got up to turn on something else....and my nails were stuck to my blankie. They were unsalvageable.

I got out all the stuff and did it again. I removed my old nail polish which had cat hair and bits of blanket in it. I did my base coat and two coats of "sugar daddy" . I painstakingly applied my shiny top coat.

I sat and watched BoardWalk Empire. Wouldn't you know it.....I had to pee.
I tried to wiggle out of my pants....but they had a drawstring. I tried to pat dry...but I dropped the TP on the floor. I then had to struggle back into my pants.
Needless to say, my right hand looks like it was painted by a tasmanian devil..

I just don't care anymore. 

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  1. Lol! Funny. Every girl in the civilized world could relate to that.