Friday, August 31, 2012

Second Season

Who's ever heard of a drought in SouthWestern Ontario?
The summers of my childhood remind me of epic thunderstorms and sweater weather.
Blankets by the fire in the evening and space heaters in the trailer in July.

These days the grass underfoot is dry and lumpy, and the creek beds look like yesterdays whore.
It reminds me of last call at the bar, some asshole turns on the lights and all of a sudden you see how fucking pathetic it all is.
Garbage everywhere, people clinging desperately to the best view. Trying to argue their way to the front of the line.

Inside their sheetrock houses, tuned into the tube. Obsessive text messaging has become a sport.
No one remembers the peace in quiet. Crickets chirp on deaf ears.

The Blue Heron sees it all, from upon his perch he observes the decay. As the sewage treatment plant withers away at his environment he questions why with his sullen cry.

Nobody hears him. They are busy picking roses. So many roses this year due to the lack of rainy days.
The leaves look like shit, and the blooms are lacking in scent but this is the second season my friend.
Consider it a gift.
Relish in your riches and turn up the A/C, drive to the mall and pick up some scented candles, hunker down and microwave some popcorn.

Its time for a show.

Nothing make any sense....including me.