Tuesday, July 19, 2011

what do ya do?

Im having an existential afternoon.
What does that mean you may ask? (my electronic grammar guru thinks that is a sentence fragment)
How dare you criticize me and not offer feedback? Perhaps if you are so superior to me, you could share your wealth of knowledge on the English language and fix my grammar? Fucking pretentious MacBook! Nag Nag Nag!
I came on here to tell the 10 people who read my blog what a wonderful Summah I've been having.
I don't know quite how to write about all my experiences thus far, so I've decided to share a few of my favourite moments via pics and possibly maps? I don't know here goes.

1. This was my first Summah experience. My sister and I went to a place called Arkona here in ON. Specifically Rock Glen. It has a waterfall and tons of trails. We brought the dog and frolicked in the waterfall. We were there all day and didn't see a single soul. Now thats remote!

Drayton's such a contemplative little guy.

 2.  Bayfield! If you haven't been go! Be sure to ask for directions to the beach...It's sort of hard to find.  Which is great, it's so clean down in the sand. Nothing like stupid old Lake Erie. It has a great restaurant called The Black Dog Pub. I neglected to take a picture, but I had a great Eggplant Sammie there. The restaurants and town center are located a good distance from the public beach, which I feel contributes to the cleanliness of the beach. Nothing grosses me out more than french fries and cheeseburgers in the sand. It encourages the flying flu bags (also known as seagulls) to gather around humans. Blech.  The Seagulls in Bayfield have dignity and live a more natural lifestyle. They eat fish and other things they catch. This keeps them fit and best of all....occupied leaving you free to get your Summah on. I imagine the Seagulls who reside in Port Stanley living on Mackies Food call the Bayfield seagulls Hippies, but Natural is always best.

 I acquired a nice light sunburn

Watched the boats

Sang along to some tunes

Watched the sun set

Overall, I had an amazing Summah day.

3. This last Summah experience wasn't quite so lovely. My hubbie and I went to Ipperwash. We were trying to find a secluded spot to swim and sun ourselves so we wandered down the beach. it was very dirty. I began to see shotgun shells on the rocks, which is weird because nobody shoots at fish. Then i saw this.

We decided to hightail it out of there. I know a lot of really bad and unfair stuff happened there in the past, but what I don't understand is why after 17 years they haven't removed the unexploded ammunition, or perhaps made the sign bigger. There wasn't even a fence! Im not unconvinced that the sign is a lie to keep nosy tourist types like myself away from the land out of fear. I guess if it is- It worked!

This last one speaks for itself.

Oh and my Summah gum is Trident Layers Melon Fresco Cool Mint.


I dedicate my Summah Blog post to Zooey Deschanel who cracks me up everytime I watch this.


I hope your able to have a summah!

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